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Création Olivier LAPIDUS
From fashion to design.

Olivier was early connected with fashion environment. He developed a personal touch of style either by developing new forms or using new kind of fabric. working with passion he was permanently renewing the codes. He assembled hand made high end level with technology as well as talent and pleasure.

Granted by a “dé d’Or” high level for fashion design he became a renowned french fashion designer.

As a designer his talent has been recognize on luxury hotel and furniture edition.
Born in the heart of Rio de Janeiro Lilli Kessler graduated in advertisement and moved to Los Angeles to study at UCLA.

In 2010 her inheritance gave birth to Le Modiste, a design atelier where creativity is the boss and everything is possible.

Lilli is constantly inspired by an astonishing nature, perfect warm weather and an impeccable balance between city and beach lifestyles. Her work translates perfectly the laid back, sunny and light hearted nature of the city. This 36 years old Ipanema girl knows how to capture the essence of the carioca soul in bright and colorful creations that are timeless like a piece of art.
Plastician artist gratueted at les beaux arts de Troyes city.

The work of Vincent who is a french born from an italian family gives a sensual and elegant impact.

We travel on different kind of countries with the Vincent’s work where poetry meets a strange and captivant world.

His work was shown on different gallery and expositions for contemporary art such as primasens germany, gallery schommer Luxembourg, interface Dijon.
Nathalie HOUDE
In the work of Nathalie each fragment is part of the life a movement captured et kept in a new way.

The countryyard evocations are like a huge wonderfool landscape who recall her childhood on a horse between the saguenay and the bic country from her ancesters when the created image appears and appears immediately as the one. she will stay as it is and become alive as the image from the day from a moment.

It’s these poetry moments that Lazy Life Paris chosen to edit for a bigger community.
Daniel CHOI
Gradueted from the koreal school of design and architecture he completed his background in Milano design ateliers.

His products are influenced by the japanese and korean culture.

It is in China , Shenzhen, that Daniel opened his design studio. it is the mix between asian and european inheritance that Lazy Life Paris will reference in his catalog. the shapes as well as the colors or kind of material chosen are a call for the serenity.
Light catcherer kind of light who comes behind the visible one to catch the one who beats with the city the one who drives you to the happiness also the one who push you in the secret heart of the forest.

Continuosly searching to discover the mistery coming from the invisible light.
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