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Vincent Marziali
Plastician artist gratueted at les beaux arts de Troyes city.

The work of Vicent who is a french born from an italian family gives a sensual and elegant impact.

We travel on different kind of countries with the Vincent's work where poetry meets a strange and captivant world.

His work was shown on differeent ga;;ery and expositions for contemporary art such as primasens germant, gallery schommer Luxembourg, interface Dijon.
Design Dolce Vita Studio by Thomas Sauvage
Dolce Vita Design Studio’s designer, Thomas Sauvage , an outdoor furniture’s expert, awarded from the Red Dot Award 2008 in the category "best of the best". Thomas has major references in this industry working with the top players in Europe.Working with Lazy Life Paris on special fabric and technical materials, the purpose is to give, to the projects on outdoor soft furniture, some new collections with a reflection of the romantic outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle.

The ambition that drives and always pushing us, is to move towards to more originality, and challenge the new technical material with the aesthetic, This emulation, combined with the affirmation of our personality drive our collaboration to new fields on comfort .

Nathalie HOUDE
In the work of Nathalie each fragment is part of the life a movement captured et kept in a new way.

The countryyard evocations are like a huge wonderfool landscape who recall her childhood on a horse between the saguenay and the bic country from her ancesters when the created image appears and appears immediately as the one. she will stay as it is and become alive as the image from the day from a moment.

It’s these poetry moments that Lazy Life Paris chosen to edit for a bigger community.
Julien Leonard du Bief de Surval
After a 15 years carreer in the luxury hotel Industry, Julien has decided to stop and make come true his child dream of "opening a concept store in Paris" In June 2007, location was found at 157 of the prestigious faubourg Saint Honoré and named CLVII (157 in roman numeral). Very quickly CLVII became also a "Street Chic " label and offered a service of "custom". This vision made CLVII a trendy underground spot shared by celebs from singers to famous sportmen and international jetsetters.You can find there street wear to casual classics with the CLVII touch, also one of the "must-have" such as the guenine french army jacket vintage custom with spikes, swarovski, exotic skins....CLVII logos his Julien personnal twist on the Vanity making it black with a smile and vintage glasses his Skull is a statement needs "when you are fun, it remains till death".
Light catcherer kind of light who comes behind the visible one to catch the one who beats with the city the one who drives you to the happiness also the one who push you in the secret heart of the forest.

Continuosly searching to discover the mistery coming from the invisible light.
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