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Success begins with passion
We are a young vibrant team of Australians who have a passion for designer home living. The Lazy Bag collection is an infusion of fashion and stylish contemporary furniture with a uniqueness that is incomparable. Our passion is the backbone behind our success, with our love for fashion and high end quality being our biggest influence.

Beautiful design requires a high standard of quality and workmanship

The Lazy Bag collection explores the combination of high performance raw materials, the world’s best practice in manufacturing techniques and a fresh creative expression. We only offer the highest of quality furniture, with a particular emphasis on the quality of the materials used. Our highly dedicated staff work around the clock to design unique ‘one of a kind’ pieces, drawing from influences in current trends from all around the world. You will discover new collections throughout seasons, just as you would in fashion.


Phone : 1-855-469-7683

Mobile : 514-384-2472

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Our idea sprang from a desire to counter this philosophy, to allow people to liberate their rooms by furnishing it with furniture that can be transported and placed in any room for any purpose. Since such an idea was hardly conceived by current furniture makers in North America, we teamed up with Lazy-Bag Paris, a French based company and became their exclusive importers and distributors in Canada.

We at Lazy-Bag Paris are a company that aims to revolutionize contemporary furniture by bringing to life the concept of structure free seating.

With our lightweight, portable, multi-purpose chairs, we open up the possibility to make furniture buying an affordable and convenient experience, with an added dose of fun!.

We are a passionate team promoting a new way of living. Our goal is to make Lazy-Bag Paris available for everyone. We know what our clients expect from us and we have set the bar very high to surpass your expectations.


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